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  • Mar 30, 2017

When you need a special gift for the extra-special people in your life, give them a way to have a healthier day!

It seemed as if EVERYONE was sick during the last cold and flu season.  And it also seems like that icky season is extending to a year-round problem, as coworkers and friends continued to be exposed to germs everywhere.  You can help drastically reduce the germs that you carry with you all day long.  That's right, YOU are picking up and carrying germs where ever you go.

Did you know that according to scientific studies, cell phones have 18 times more bacteria than a public restroom (#gross)?  Check out this Business Insider video for an inside look at how gross your phone actually is!  



PROBLEM SOLVED - and YOU solved it for your recipients!

Using the cleansing power of UV light, PhoneSoap is designed to sanitize most phones while they charge. It can even fit and clean smaller items such as keys, jewelry, or credit cards! Your logo or message is featured in full color on the top of the PhoneSoap, keeping your brand as a central point of attention.

Take a look at our PhoneSoap offering and order now - germs are in your pocket!

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