Isa, thanks for all your help with our projects.  It is so refreshing to deal with someone with your experience in promotions and your skill set with layout, colors and artwork manipulation.  With most promotions, it is critical that we get our message across with just a quick glance.  I'm firmly convinced any promotion without great graphics and a proper layout is doomed for failure.  With you, I get it all and only have to deal with one person.  Any promotional project with you is like having my own graphic artist but on top of that, a skilled artist that understands how best to promote our company.  Our business has experienced phenomenal growth the last few years and I attribute much of that growth to working with you.  It is simply a pleasure working with you.  Yes, you have your opinions and I always want to hear them but you never get frustrated if I nix some of them.  But the way I see it, that is what a partnership is all about... you bringing your experience & tools and me deciding what works best for my business.  Thanks again for all you do for our company & I so look forward to our next project.

  • James Knecht - President
  • The Dooley Co. Inc.


I have been working with Isa and 3koi for about 16 years and while lots of great ideas, products and services have been added, including Isa providing graphic work, the one constant has been their service.  3koi is consistently on time, provides quality products and fair prices. I count on 3koi and their creative minds to help me figure out what I want for a special event, an award ceremony or the company barbeque.  I have given them some crazy ideas and without fail they nail the best product for the event.  There is never a need for me to look elsewhere to find the best product for my audience.

  • Vikki V - Sr. Manager, Executive Administration
  • Pharmaceutical

As a graduate of Parsons School of Design, I think I knew a bit about creativity ... that was until I met Isa Cocallas!

It’s hard to express what Isa’s design services have meant to me.  Any words seem to fall short.

Isa is not only the most brilliant designer I have ever met, but the speed at which she is able to complete projects totally boggles my mind. And then there is the cost. I’m always pleasantly shocked at how affordable she is, it’s like I can’t afford NOT to use her talents.  In fact, I sometimes invent fun projects just to see Isa work her magic. It’s like peering into the mind of Albert Einstein and Steve Jobs.

Another thing I value and appreciate is Isa’s integrity: the trust factor. I can turn over a client’s project information and know that Isa would never try to poach my client.  Her knowledge of promotional products is truly beyond anything I’ve ever encountered in the 20+ years I have been in this industry. Isa Cocallas is truly the “Encyclopedia” of Promo Products, Rules and Regulations. She has saved me from myself a million times over. If you are reading this and are in the promotional product business you know exactly what I am talking about!  

In a nutshell, Isa Cocallas walks on water.

 One project and you’re hooked for life!

  • Jovan Van Drielle - Owner
  • Geminus, Inc.


I've worked with Isa for years on many different projects for multiple organizations. I keep going back to her because she's fast, reliable, aims to understand your vision, and balances that fine line of blending her creativity with your brand. She does amazing work and I'd highly recommend to her anyone!

  • Bryan J - Co-Founder
  • Online Marketing


Of all of the graphic design companies I’ve worked with, none are faster, as full-service, or as customer-friendly as 3Koi. They gave me a great deal with a printer, arranged samples/mock ups incredibly fast, they get back to me with answers within minutes of me sending them emails, and they have a full understanding of the design-to-print process that freed me from having to find another contractor for the later steps of the process myself. I could not be more pleased with their work and will use them again for my next design project.

  • Chase M - Student Ministries Pastor
  • Church
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